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Management Guide


The Silverback Management Console is web based and accessible from within the corporate network and is optimized for the Mac and PC as well as the iPad. Silverback leverages the latest .NET standards to provide a scalable, intuitive user interface, advanced filters and searches with rapid data processing. All admin level access is designed to occur via https and is controlled by a role-based access scheme. Some pop-up windows such as the Device Info popup will occupy most of the screen and will increase in size as you scale your browser. Most of these pop-ups can also be closed by pressing escape on your keyboard as a shortcut.

The Management Console consists of the following tabs:

  • Dashboard
  • Devices
  • Tags
  • App Portal
  • Users
  • Admin

A detailed description of the purpose, function and capability of each of the tabs is provided in the following chapters and sections.

Admin Tab is part of the Administrator Guide


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