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Cloud Connector


Is an easy, scalable and secure device management for tablets and smartphones, including Android Enterprise, Windows 10/11, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and macOS. As a part of Unified Endpoint Management, Enterprise mobility is complex, but managing and using it shouldn’t be. Which is why Silverback by Matrix42 makes enterprise mobility easier for the people that deliver, manage and use mobile IT. It also integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Matrix42 Workspace Management suite. That’s what makes it an essential element in delivering the smarter IT workspaces that enable a better life for everyone.


Depending on your needs, this category offers documentation to each parts of the Silverback Enterprise Mobility Management Suite of Matrix42. This includes

  • Silverback - Mobile Device Management
  • Silversync - Mobile Content Management
  • Cloud Connector - Connect local resources to your Cloud Environment
  • Mail Gateway -  Adds an extra layer of security in front of your Exchange Server

Release Cycle  

Matrix42 Silverback will be released every quarter and provides new and improved features that have been implemented. During the development of the versions, we always focus on valued feedback from our customers and partners in order to provide an ideal feature selection.

Installation Sources  

Please find all installation files of each version on Matrix42 Marketplace.

Release Notes  

Please find all Release Notes in the corresponding section: Release Notes


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