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Silversync Guide II: Installation

Silversync Installation

Silversync requires a working Silverback instance and this document will guide you through a typical installation of the Silversync component of Matrix42 Silverback and provide guidance on configuring the system for a successful deployment. For advanced configuration or special requirements, please contact your technical contact or submit a support ticket.

Add your Silversync Server

  • Open the Silverback Management Console from your Silversync server
  • Log in as an Administrator
  • Click Admin
  • Navigate to Silversync
  • Click Add Server
  • Enter your server external DNS Name from your Silversync Server URL in combination with https:// in front and with /syncadmin at the end
  • Press Save 

Download Silversync

  • On the following prompt, click to download Installation File
  • Copy the token displayed in the text area into the Clipboard
  • After the download is finished proceed with Install Silversync


Install Silversync

  • Launch the installer on your Silversync Server as:
    • If you intend to to use Server Authenticates mode, then launch the installer as an account with local administrator privileges.
    • If you intend to use User Authenticates, launch the installer as a Domain Administrator
  • Click Next
  • Ensure the Installation Prerequisites check is passed
  • Click Next
  • Click I Accept the terms in the license agreement
  • Click Next
  • Enter a User Name (e.g Vincent Valentine)
  • Enter a Organization Name (e.g. Imagoverum)
  • Click Next
  • Silversync Installation Directory
    • When Silversync is a stand-alone server: Keep defaults (recommended) or modify the installation destination if needed
    • When Silverback is the host server for Silversync (= Hybrid Mode)
      • Change Silversync Website Directory Location to C:\inetpub\Silverback or to your custom Website Directory Location
      • Ensure that Services Directory Location is equal to your Silverback Services Directory Location
  • Click Next
  • Click I checked the above items
    • When Silverback is the host server for Silversync (Hybrid), stop the IIS service first (stop-service w3svc)
  • Click Next
  • Choose Standard and click Next
  • Paste in the token you copied from the Silverback Management Console
  • Click Next
  • Click Install
  • Wait for the installation
  • Click Finish

Check Services

  • Open Services MMC 
    • Start World Wide Web Publishing Service (when Silverback is the host server for Silversync)
    • Check and ensure that the Matrix42 Universal Agent Framework is running
    • Check and ensure that the Silversync Service is running

Next Steps

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