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Service Bus V: Message Validation


When your Service Bus is setup and connected to your Unified User Experience, every new enrolled and already existing device will update the corresponding device information in the Unified User Experience when the Command DeviceInformation is being Acknowledged. Depending if you have for the current implementation multiple Subscriptions or Queues, where only one is connected to the Unified User Experience (e.g. Silverback), the Subscription/Queue matrix42.uux.subscription should be always empty or the amount of messages should be reduced after every refresh. This is because the Unified User Experience receives and processes this messages and will clear the Subscription or Queue step by step. Depending if your other subscriptions or queues does not have any receiver, you can use these ones to check outgoing messages from Silverback to the Unified User Experience as explained in the following chapters within this article. If all Subscribers/Queues are already in place, you can add additional temporary Subscribers/Queues as explained in the Troubleshooting sections of this article: Service Bus VII: Message Validation.



  • Open your RabbitMQ Management Console
    • e.g. localhost:15672
  • Login with your credentials 
    • e.g. guest/guest 
  • Navigate to Queues
  • You should see now three different Queues
    • matrix42.empirum.subscription
    • matrix42.silverback.subscription
    • matrix42.uux.subscription
  • Click On Silverback
  • In the next screen expand Get messages
  • Enter as Message Count e.g. 100
  • Press Get Message(s)

Azure Service Bus

Service Bus Explorer

Download and Installation


  • Open Service Bus Explorer
  • Click File
  • Select Connect 
  • Under Service Bus Namespaces select Enter a connection String 
  • In the connection string enter your namespace connection string 
    • In Azure, navigate to your Resource Group
    • Select your Service Bus Namespace
    • Navigate to Shared access policies
    • Press RootManageSharedAccessKey
    • Copy the Primary Connection String to your clipboard
  • Navigate back to Service Bus Explorer
    • Paste the Primary Connection String to the connection string section
    • Click OK

Read Messages

  • Expand Topics
  • Expand your synchronized Topic
  • Expand Subscriptions
  • You should see now 3 subscriptions
    • matrix42.empirum.subscription
    • matrix42.silverback.subscription
    • matrix42.uux.subscription
  • Verify if some subscriptions has a value greater then 0 in the brackets
  • Select the subscriptions with a greater value then 0 
  • Click Messages
  • Enter as Message Count e.g. 100
  • Click OK
  • Read any of the messages 
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