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Service Bus III: Configure Silverback

Service Bus

  • Open your Silverback Management Console
  • Login as Settings Administrator
  • Navigate to Service Bus
    • Enable the Service Bus
    • Select Azure or RabbitMQ
    • Provide the following details based on your Service Bus Type:
Setting Rabbit MQ Azure Service Bus
Connection String




Topic/Exchange e.g. matrix42.suem.topic e.g. matrix42.suem.topic
Subscription/Queue e.g. matrix42.silverback.subscription e.g. matrix42.silverback.subscription
Instance Display Name e.g. Silverback e.g. Silverback
  • Press Save
  • Confirm with OK
  • Press Sync All Data

For the Azure Service Bus Type, you can check also upfront the connection by pressing the Check Connection button.

After pressing Sync All Data, the subscription for matrix42.uux.subscription will collect all messages from Silverback, which will be processed later when you add the Service Bus Connection to the UUX within the Next Steps.

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