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Service Bus III: Configure Silverback

Service Bus

  • Open your Silverback Management Console
  • Login as Settings Administrator
  • Navigate to Service Bus
    • Select Azure or RabbitMQ
    • Provide the following details based on your Service Bus Type:
Setting Rabbit MQ Azure Service Bus
Connection String

e.g.  amqp://<username>:<password>@<FQDN of your RabbitMQ Server>/matrix42


Topic/Exchange e.g. matrix42.suem.topic e.g. matrix42.suem.topic
Subscription/Queue e.g. matrix42.silverback.subscription e.g. matrix42.silverback.subscription
Instance Display Name e.g. Silverback e.g. Silverback
  • Press Save
  • Confirm with OK
  • Press Sync All Data 
  • Wait until the synchronization process is finished

For the Azure Service Bus Type, you can check also upfront the connection by pressing the Check Connection button.

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