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Service Bus Integration

Matrix42 Secure Unified Endpoint Management uses a communication architecture based on an Enterprise Service Bus. This allows an efficient and fast communication between the Unified User Experience (based on the Digital Workspace Platform), Empirum, Silverback and EgoSecure. The target is that the entire communication between the Secure Unified Endpoint Managements core products (and more) and the Unified User Experience/Digital Workspace Platform will take place over the Service Bus. This enables also the support of hybrid on-premises and cloud-based installations, (e.g. Empirum and EgoSecure local, Silverback and the Digital Workspace Platform in the Cloud). Today, Azure Service Bus for cloud or RabbitMQ for on-premise installations are supported as Service Bus types. 

Please note that there is another main Secure Unified Endpoint Management Enterprise Service Bus guide, which is partially referenced in the below shown articles. The guides below are similar, but will focus on the Silverback configuration, but with the creation of additional subscriptions for other core products from Secure Unified Endpoint Management.

RabbitMQ.PNG Azure ServiceBus.PNG


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