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Identity Provider Integration I: MyWorkspace

My Workspace

For the SAML2 usage with MyWorkspace you’ll need to configure your Tenant in a few clicks.

Search and add Silverback application

  • Login to MyWorkspace as an administrator
  • Navigate to Administration
  • Select Applications
  • Click on the + Symbol on the right bottom
  • Search for Silverback (depending on your purpose) and select it 

Configure Application

  • Enter a short display name for this application (e.g. Silverback)
  • Enter a description (optional)
  • Enter at Base URI your Silverback Server URL with https (e.g.
  • Enter at Service Issuer Name your Silverback without https  (e.g.
  • Click Create Application
  • Change your icon (optional)
  • Click Save

Grant Permissions

  • Navigate on the top to Permissions
  • Add Users and or Groups
  • Click Save

Copy Metadata

  • Navigate to Integration Guide
  • Scroll down to Number 4 and copy the Metadata URL into your Clipboard
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