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ChromeOS Integration V: Device Management

Perform a Manual Sync

  • Navigate back to your Silverback Management Console
  • Navigate to Admin
  • Select ChromeOS
  • Press Reload Devices
  • Confirm with OK

Silverback will usually synchronize devices automatically during the specified Device update interval.

Device Management

  • Navigate to Devices
  • Your previously enrolled ChromeOS device should be listed now in the device overview
  • ChromeOS devices are identified with a different Device ID: e.g. C-0 
  • Notify the available device actions 
  • Click Block device
    • Notice that the device will be moved into Blocked Section of Silverback and change the state to Disabled in G Suite
    • Navigate to Blocked Section of Silverback
  • Press Unblock device
    • Confirm with OK
    • Notice that the device will be moved into Managed Section of Silverback and change the state to Provisioned in G Suite
  • Open Device Overview
    • Review Hardware and OS information
    • Scroll down to Custom Fields 
    • Take a look to empty values for Asset ID, Location or Notes
  • Navigate back to G Suite
    • Open your previously enrolled devices
    • In Custom Fields area press the Edit button
    • Add as Asset ID  e.g. ID00001 
    • Add as Location e.g. Frankfurt
    • Add as Notes e.g. This is my fist device connected with Silverback
    • Press Save
  • Switch back to Silverback Management Console
    • Press Refresh for a new device check-in
    • Check that the custom fields are changed to your previous changes
  • Close Device Overview
  • Press Delete Business Data
    • Click OK
    • Check the available reasons
      • Upgrading or replacing with a newer model (Different model replacement)
      • Reselling, donating, or permanently removing (Retiring from fleet)
      • Replace with the same model from a repair vendor (Same model replacement)
  • Press Cancel

The Delete Business Data operation triggers the Deprovision operation in G Suite and will move the device to Checked Out section of Silverback. Deprovisioning a device will stop device policy syncing and remove device-level policies. Once a device is deprovisioned, it must be wiped before it can be re-enrolled into management.

Next Steps 

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