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ChromeOS Integration IV: Connect a device

This guide describes the Out-of-box experience for a Acer Chromebook 14 with Chrome version 74.0.3729.159. Please note that the end user experience may vary depending on different models

Enroll device 

  • Turn on your Chrome device
  • Choose your Language
  • Press Let's go
  • Connect to a network
  • Disable sending diagnostic and usage data to Google (optional)
  • Accept Google Chrome OS terms by Accept and continue
  • On sign-in screen select More options
  • Select Enterprise enrollment
  • Enter the username from the previous chapter ChromeOS Integration III: Create a User
  • Press Next
  • Enter the corresponding user password
  • Press Next
  • Create a strong password (optional)
  • Press Next
  • Wait for the information "You are enrolled successfully"
  • Press Done 

Sign in to Chromebook

  • Now sign in to your Chrome
  • Enter again the username
  • Press next
  • Enter again the password
  • Press Next
  • Enable review sync options following setup (optional)
  • Press Accept and continue

Check Device Enrollment

  • Navigate back to Google Admin Console
  • Open Devices
  • Select Chrome devices
  • Your recent enrolled device should be listed in a Provisioned status
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