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ChromeOS Integration I: Configure G Suite


Create Service Account

Create Project

  • Login to
  • Click on the top left Select a project
  • Click New Project
  • Enter a project name e.g. Silverback ChromeOS
  • Keep default values for domain or change to your existing
  • Click Create
  • Wait until the project has been created

Enable Admin SDK

  • Navigate to (APIs & Services) Library
  • Ensure that you are in the right project
  • Search for Admin SDK
  • Select Admin SDK
  • Click Enable
  • Wait until Admin SDK has been enabled

Create Service Account

  • Navigate to Credentials
  • Click + Create Credentials
  • Select Service Account
  • Add Service account name, e.g silverback
  • Add Description, e.g. Silverback ChromeOS Management
  • Click Create
  • Click Select a Role
  • Select Project > Owner
  • Click Continue

Create and Download Key

  • Click + Create Key
  • Select as type JSON
  • Click Create 
  • Your newly created key will be downloaded
  • Click Close
  • Click Done

You will need this key in the next chapter

Copy Unique ID

  • On Service Accounts a new created service account should be listed
  • Click on the right side Edit
  • Copy Unique ID to your Clipboard, e.g. 110125940967990436355
  • Click Cancel

Enable API Access

  • Open
  • Login with Administrator Credentials
  • Select Security
  • Select API Controls
  • Click Manage Domain-Wide Delegation
  • Click Add new
  • Paste into Client ID the captured UniqueID
  • Add the following scope by pasting this string: 
  • Click Authorise
  • Now you see your new API client with 2 scopes
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