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Apple Deployment Programs I: Sign up

Sign up for Apple Business or School Manager

Before you start with enrolling your organization, please take into account that the following described steps may change in the future. As best practise, please read the Apple Business Manager User Guide or the Apple School Manager User Guide and follow the signup process for Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager that Apple is providing for you to get access your Apple Business or School Manager. After a successful registration with having access to the Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager you can proceed with next steps

Process Overview

Apple Business and School Manager can be used only by managers and administrators with organizationally managed accounts. Consumer email addresses such Gmail etc. will not be accepted by Apple.

  • Fill the Enroll Your Organization screen with your company details
  • Proceed with Continue 
  • Check your Values and confirm with Submit
  • Store your recovery key in a safe way
  • Apple Care will now take over and guide you through the process (this may take up to 5 days). The process is structured in 5 steps
    • Submit
    • Research
    • Verification Call
    • Approval
  • Your trusted contact person will send you an invitation link
  • Click Create a Managed Apple ID

A Managed Apple ID is built specifically for enterprises and is required for Apple Business Manager.

  • Enter all necessary information
  • Proceed with Continue
  • Enter your verification code (E-Mail)
  • Proceed with Continue
  • Enter your verification code (SMS)
  • Wait until the Organization will be created
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions
  • You will be forwarded to Apple Business Manager or to Apple School Manager
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