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Android Enterprise V: ZeroTouch Enrollment

Zero Touch Enrollment

Zero touch enrollment is Google's counterpart to the Apple Device Enrollment Program with a little easier integration. Overall Zero touch enrollment saves IT departments and users the tedious manual configuration of proprietary Android smartphones and tablets. Devices are pre-configured online with the settings desired by an Administrator. When booting for the first time, the devices check whether they are assigned a configuration and if so, they will download the (pre-configured) Matrix42 Silverback Companion app which will guide the user to finish the setup.

  • IT Administrators: Can configure that new arrived devices will be automatically configured to download Matrix42 Silverback Companion
  • Your company stay in control of their devices at all times - even after factory resets.
  • End users, after receiving a boxed device, they just need to sign in.

Please start your tour with Android Zero Touch Enrollments from here: 

Find your sufficient devices here: 

Find your Zero Touch Reseller

Add your Configuration to the Zero Touch Portal and set as default

Refer to Additional Enrollment Options for the optional DPC extras configuration


Additional Enrollment Options 

The Zero Touch Enrollment grants the possibility to configure Device Policy controllers in a specific JSON format. The Matrix42 Companion application supports this mechanism from version 21.0 to remotely configure (enrollment) settings for users, which will ensure a smooth enrollment performed on the used devices. These options grants the possibility to add in the configuration the address of your Silverback Self Service Portal, so that users will be forwarded directly to the Self Service Portal inside the Companion and perform the Enrollment with Local User Accounts, Active Directory or Azure Active Directory credentials. Additionally you can use this mechanism to provide a fully authenticated device enrollment for non-personalized devices in combination with the Bulk Staging Mode.

Adjust and add the following options into the DPC extras field: 

Platform Custom Configuration
Android Zero Touch Enrollment Enrollment with Self Service Portal
Android Zero Touch Enrollment Enrollment with preset authentication
{"":{"server_url":"", "user_name":"","otp":"4444"}}
Android Zero Touch Enrollment Enrollment with preset username

Enrollment Experience

Start your freshly purchased device and enjoy the Zero Touch Experience. 

The following introduction demonstrates an enrollment without an additional DPC extras configuration

Next Steps

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