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Android Enterprise V: ZeroTouch Enrollment

Zero Touch Enrollment

Zero touch enrollment is Google's counterpart to the Apple Device Enrollment Program with a little easier integration. Overall Zero touch enrollment saves IT departments and users the tedious manual configuration of proprietary Android smartphones and tablets. Devices are pre-configured online with the settings desired by an Administrator. When booting for the first time, the devices check whether they are assigned a configuration and if so, they will download our Matrix42 Silverback Companion app which will guide the user to finish the setup.

  • IT Administrators: Can configure that new arrived devices will be automatically configured to download Matrix42 Silverback Companion
  • Your company stay in control of their devices at all times - even after factory resets.
  • End users, after receiving a boxed device, they just need to sign in.

Please start your tour with Android Zero Touch Enrollments from here: 

Find your sufficient devices here: 

Find your Zero Touch Reseller

Add your Configuration to the Zero Touch Portal and set as default


Start your freshly purchased device and enjoy the Zero Touch Experience

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