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Silverback 20.0 TP2

Silverback 20.0 Technical Preview 2


Download: Matrix42 Marketplace

New Features

  • Notification Control for iOS and iPadOS
  • Windows 10 Security Policy
  • Windows 10 Settings Policy
  • Windows 10 Wi-Fi Security Policy
  • Windows 10 Store App Inventory
  • Exchange Protection for Exchange Online

Changes & Improvements

  • Removed ">" from tooltip for Alpha Numeric Passcode
  • Preparation for new Knox KPE Key
  • Renamed STS Settings 
  • Added missing translations to Email Templates
  • Changed naming for MDM Push Certificates to Apple Push Notification Service Certificate
  • Changed naming for Companion Push Certificate to Companion Push Notification Service for iOS & iPadOS
  • Changed default setting for Allow Shared User AppData from enabled to disabled
  • Add unblock policy for Exchange Protection for Windows 10 device
  • Add unblock policy for Exchange Protection for Android and SamsungSafe devices (requires new Companion)
  • Changed look of resultant tags when lock down policy uses a long name 
  • Changed initial Notification Interval for Companion from 10 Minutes to 10080 (7 days)
  • Changed initial Grace Period Interval Companion from 10 Minutes to 10080 (7 days)
  • Added tooltip to Allow Cross Profile Caller Id restriction
  • Added new Exchange Protection support for Exchange 2013 and 2016 in preparation for 20.0 Update 1 Release
  • Added new FileVault Encryption settings in preparation for 20.0 Update 1 Release
  • Added .Net 4.7.1 support in preparation for20.0 Update 1 Release
  • Updated naming for Device Enrollment Program settings and added tooltips 
  • Removed Single App Mode hint from Application Details and moved it to App Configuration in Tags
  • Added tooltip for Collect Feedback for iOS Applications
  • MDM Payload has been renamed to Payload in Settings Admin
  • Windows Phone has been renamed to Windows in Settings Admin 
  • Included User Password in Exchange Profile (for iOS & iPadOS) has been moved from General to Payload in Settings Admin
  • Android Cloud Messaging Settings Auth Key is now hidden to prevent changes 
  • Added Tooltip to Use International number format for Aerialink V4 SMS Provider 
  • Removed Tag based (preview) in Certificate settings 
  • Added editable combo box for Agent Certificate for S/MIME certificate settings 
  • Renamed MDM Concurrency Settings to Concurrency Settings in Settings Admin 
  • Added ability to uncheck and check all apps for Blacklist/Whitelist for iOS and iPadOS 


  • Fix for search button on French which is breaking design
  • Fix for wrong xml composing for Windows 10 Custom Profiles
  • Fix for cache expiration issue for Automatic Services Restart 
  • Fix for Resultant Tag showing additional information about maximum attachment size 
  • Fix for apps don't remove from device when deleting them from a tag 
  • Fix for parsing bundle strings for managed application
  • Fix for is temporary not reachable admin and ssp sites due to database deadlocks
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