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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Silverback 20.0 Update 3 TP2

Silverback 20.0. Update 3 Technical Preview 2


Download: Matrix42 Marketplace

New Features


  • Display Defender Threats
  • Extended device information with account information
  • Extended device information with security information

Silverback Management Console

  • New Action Button System Variable will present captured device variables for easier handling
  • Fix for Service Bus settings if inappropriate values are applied
  • Decreased mandatory phone number digits in Self Service Portal

Feature Pack for new Apple Releases

  • Uninstall buttons are now hidden in App Portal if application is not allowed to be uninstalled
  • Companion uninstallations are now disabled by default
  • Fix for saving VPP Import settings for Allow Uninstall flag
  • Fix for New Skip Setup Items for Device Enrollment Program 
  • Improvement for Force macOS Updates 
  • Fix for New Skip Setup Item for Device Enrollment Program 

Android Enhanced Management Options

  • Remote Log Level Configuration for Companion
  • Universal Certificate Profile for certificate aliases in managed configurations

Endpoint Protection Features for Windows 10

  • Added 20 new restrictions and refactored existing
  • Merged Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 SmartScreen settings to a new profile
  • Renamed Windows Defender Security Center App controls are added dependencies

Windows 10 Extended Management Features

  • Improvements for Power Options
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