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Silverback 20.0 Update 3 TP1

Silverback 20.0. Update 3 Technical Preview 1


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New Features

Feature Pack for new Apple Releases

iOS / iPadOS

  • New Restrictions
  • New Skip Setup Items for Deployment Program
  • Control and disable MAC-Address Randomization
  • Configure Notification Preview
  • Non-Removable iOS Apps Selection


  • Remote uninstallation of applications
  • Force macOS Updates

Apple School Manager Integration

  • Import and synchronize Students, Teachers and Classrooms

Endpoint Protection Features for Windows 10 

  • Block end user access to various areas of Microsoft Defender Security Center App
  • Configure protection phishing or malware websites and applications with Microsoft Defender Smart Screen
  • Provide IT contact information for Microsoft Defender Security Center App and/or Security notifications

Windows 10 Extended Management Features

  • Predefine Lid Switch, Power and Sleep Buttons
  • Configure Inactivity Time outs for Display Turn off, Hibernating, Sleep and unattended sleep 
  • Specify Battery Level in percentage for Energy Saver activation
  • Prevent hybrid sleep


  • Solved the problem of requiring a passcode by default 
  • Solved the problem where device capacity for Android is sent in a negative value or is not shown
  • Solved the problem where incorrect values for Service Bus lead to an error in Console
  • Solved the problem that empty values for device and app conditions set the value to 0 in App Protection
  • Solved a problem where application blacklist  or whitelist result is empty in resultant tag
  • Improvements for French translations 
  • Added 190 new device models 


  • Set Product Availability Policy for Android Enterprise Managed Play to whitelist
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