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Silverback 20.0 Update 1 TP2

Silverback Update 1 Technical Preview 2


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New Features

Unified Endpoint Management

  • Real Time Status for Modern Device Management
    • Device creation and updates for devices is now going in Real Time over the Service Bus
    • The following Device information are now included
      • IMEI
      • UDID
      • Enrollment Status
      • Last Seen Date
      • Device Type
      • Username 
      • Silverback API Device ID 
      • Primary Mac Address
      • Serial Number 
      • Manufacturer 
      • Management Type 
      • Operating System
      • Operating System Version
  • Rollout-based Software Management 
    • Tag creation and updates for Tags is now going in Real Time over the Service Bus 
    • The following Tag information are now included
      • Name
      • Type
      • Managed by
      • Status
      • Supported Platforms 
      • Enabled Features
      • Auto Population enabled
      • System Tag information 
  • Service Bus Settings
    • Administrators has now the ability to perform an initial data sync
    • Type has been renamed to Service Bus Type
    • Topic has been renamed to Topic/Exchange
    • Subscriber has been renamed to Subscription/Queue

Device Enrollment Program

  • Additional Profiles can now be created and assigned to devices
  • Profiles can be assigned manually or per bulk assignment 
  • Settings has been renamed to General Settings
  • General Settings and the Default Profile are now separated in
  • Language and Region can now be predefined to tvOS devices 
  • A skip all setup items button is now present 

Tag Auto Population

  • Tag Auto Population supports now Azure AD as Device Variable Key

Custom Lock Screen Message

  • Device Owner Information and Organization Name can be predefined for Android Enterprise Device Owner devices
  • Lock Screen Footnote and Asset Tag Information can be predefined for supervised devices on iOS and iPadOS 

System Variables are supported

Screen Saver Configuration

  • Screen Saver settings can now be configured from Administrators for macOS devices
  • These settings include: 
    • Require Password
    • Password Detail (in secs) 
    • Login Window Screen Saver Idle Time
    • Screen Saver Module path

Improvements for existing Features

App Protection Policies for Office 365 Data Loss Prevention

  • Create New has been renamed to New App Protection Policy 
  • Added refresh button to App Portal MAM view 
  • Added API permission check
  • Added proper error messages if API don't have required permissions
  • Added mechanism to prevent import of deprecated apps 
  • Group assignments are now working 
  • Added missed Access Requirements settings
  • Added remove policy possibility
  • Extended data protection settings 
  • Irrelevant fields for iOS Protection type has been removed 
  • Graph API has been renamed to App Protection

macOS FileVault 

  • Added options to allow or disallow user to decrypt the device
  • Added a "Reveal" Button for escrowed personal recovery key
  • Added Audit information when an Administrator reveals a personal recovery key

macOS Firewall 

  • Renamed "Incoming Request" to "Incoming Connection"
  • Adjusted UI for checkbox logic
  • Fixed issues with saving apps and corresponding checkboxes 

macOS Privacy Control 

  • Added Apple Event section
  • Added resultant tag information
  • Changed logic for payload
  • Renamed Profile Name to Silverback Privacy Preferences Profile 

Changes and Improvements

  • Added Enabled checkbox for Windows Store for Business to turn off periodical apps import
  • Added X-Frame options for STS and SSP
  • Removed deprecated Knox Signed checkbox for Samsung Safe applications 
  • Improved User Interface for Wi-Fi Trust sections
  • macOS Software Update Policy has been renamed to Software Updates
  • Queued Commands are now preventing duplicates if commands has not been process yet
  • Added new LDAP setting to control sleep interval between filter tasks
  • Added cache functionality to STS
  • Added German and French search option for Device Owner in Devices Tab
  • Changed Tag Auto Population Device Variable Value from "True" and "False" to "Yes" and "No" and added translations 
  • Improvements for Azure SQL elastic pools 
    • Added reading of task minute offset settings in registry 
    • Added task offset configurable from registry
  • Web Settings has been restructured
    • General
      • Excel Connection is now hidden
    • Companion
      • Queue Device Inventory on Companion Check-in is now the first item
      • All free text items are now below each other
    • Windows has been renamed to Windows 10
      • Deprecated WP Marketplace Settings has been removed
      • Deprecated Company Hub Settings has been removed
      • Deprecated Assigned Access is now hidden
      • WP8 MDM Settings Erollment URL has been moved to General and renamed to Windows Enrollment Server
      • All WNS Settings received a new frame called Windows Push Notification Services 
      • All WPMDM_OmaDmRetryPlease receives a new frame called Device Management Client 
    • LDAP 
      • LDAP Server, Port, Type, SSL, Lookup Username and Password has now a separate frame "LDAP Connection"
      • LDAP Filter and LDAP Administrator Filter has now a separate frame  "LDAP Filter"


  • Fix for assigning Android Enterprise apps if one application in list is broken
  • Fix for Troubleshooting Volume Purchase Program Tool due to unsupported hard coded Target URL 
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