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Silverback 20.0 Update 1 TP1

Silverback 20.0 Update 1 Technical Preview 1


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New Requirements

  • .NET 4.7.2

New Features


  • App Protection Policies for Office 365 Data Loss Prevention
  • Exchange Protection 
    • Support for Microsoft Exchange 2013
    • Support for Microsoft Exchange 2016
    • Support for Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Tag Auto Population to supervised devices 

Android Enterprise

  • OEM Configuration for Samsung and Zebra devices


  • macOS Firewall
  • macOS Privacy Control 
  • macOS Kernel Extensions
  • macOS Software Update
  • macOS FileVault

Windows 10

  • New Windows 10 Device Information 
    • Domain Name
    • OS Mode
    • OS Edition
    • Battery Level
    • Battery Status
    • Battery Estimated Runtime
  • New Windows 10 Security Information
    • Secure Boot Status
    • Encryption Compliance
    • TPM Specification Version​
    • Antivirus Status
    • Antivirus Signature Status
    • Antispyware Status
    • Antispyware Signature Status
    • Firewall Status
    • UAC Status
    • Virtualization-based Security Hardware Requirement Status
    • Virtualization-based Security Status
    • Local System Authority Credential Guard Status


  • Service Bus Integration 

Changes and Improvements

  • Added German translations for Auto Population values 
  • Improvements on Android for Delete Business Data on Work Profiles
  • Added Payload signing and encryption for macOS 
  • Silverback Update to .Net 4.7.2 
  • Silversync Update to .Net 4.7.2
  • Cloud Connector Update to .Net 4.7.2 
  • CSR Creation for Companion Push Certificate has been removed
  • Remove buttons for Business Apps for Windows has been disabled
  • Visible in App Portal options has been disabled for Windows 10 applications 
  • Queuing Service is now part of Settings Admin
  • Samsung Knox value has been removed from device information due to container deprecation


  • Fix for Log GetLatestWarningForSystemUserId(Int32 systemUserId)
  • Fix for adding applications in legacy management mode for Android and SamsungSafe
  • Fix for hidden Automatically push to devices settings for Android and SamsungSafe devices
  • Fix for removing sub menus in managed configuration in tag area
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