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Silverback 21.0 Update 2 TP2

Silverback 21.0 Update 2 Technical Preview 2

Silverback-Technical Preview-2- 21.0.2.png

Download: Matrix42 Marketplace 

New Features and Improvements

Enterprise Service Bus 

  • Added a Connection Check for Azure Service Bus
  • Service Bus Listener has been extended to support device enrollment invitations from Unified User Experience
  • Added method to delete applications in Unified User Experience during Volume Purchase Program Sync. E.g. when switching from one Volume Purchase Program token to another, all previously synchronized applications remained in UUX, even when they are not part of the new Token. This is now solved. 
  • Added support for Send Message as a single action in Unified User Experience

iOS and iPadOS

Please find all new Apple related features, changes and improvements in Silverback 21.0 Update 2 Technical Preview 2 below.


  • Added new Allow iCloud Relay restriction for iOS and iPadOS 15 
  • Add new dependency for Printing restrictions
  • Moved Allow Bookstore Erotica restriction from supervised section to general section
  • Fix Resultant Tag information for Allow Activation Lock and App Strore & iTunes restrictions
  • Added Tooltip for Allow Apple Personalized Advertising and Allow App Clips to show proper availability

Apple Classroom Configuration

  • Apple Classroom Configuration has been renamed from Education Configuration to Classroom
  • Decreased page size for Classroom Profile

Volume Purchase Program

  • Add new Import option Ignore Metadata for Device Families

Unique Payload Identifiers

  • Added unique payload identifiers to several profiles for supporting new iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 requirements. 


  • Changed applied value for Windows 10 Allow Bluetooth restriction from 1 to 2. Anyway the restriction was working, but we changed it to Microsoft documentation
  • Added custom matching criteria to identify mailboxes for Exchange Protection in case username is not corresponding to the Mailbox Name
  • Fix for Defender Antivirus option "Send File Samples When Further Analysis Is Required" is send when "Not configured"
  • Added hard coded masks for certificate password when uploading an Enterprise Certificate for Exchange Active Sync
  • Removed Clear Passcode action for macOS devices due to non support 
  • Removed all dependencies from old SMIME Certification Authority Web Setting
  • Added Clear cache functionality for all web applications after saving system settings with the Settings Administrator


  • Updated Service Bus Message Model to 6.12.1
  • Updated Service Bus Adapter to 6.5.3
  • Updated Service Bus Contracts to 1.3.0
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