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Silverback 21.0 Update 3 TP1

Silverback 21.0 Update 3 Technical Preview 1

Silverback-Technical Preview-1- 21.0.3.png

Download: Matrix42 Marketplace 

New Features and Improvements

Management Console

  • Fixed duplicated time information Created Date for Bulk Enrolment view
  • Aligned Allow Remove Work Profile name for Android and Samsung restrictions
  • Web Clips option has been removed from Windows profiles due to non-support
  • Added and fixed several translations
  • Restructured and added several quick links to Log sections under Admin
  • Improved add license screen
  • Added View OTP option to Pending Devices section and QR-Codes can now be downloaded
  • Renamed LDAP Filter to LDAP User filter

Windows 10/11

  • Added new profile for Remote Desktop configuration
  • Added new option to request remotely device diagnostic data in combination with the usage of an Azure Blob
  • Switched from Azure Active Directory Graph API to Microsoft Graph API
  • Fixed an issue with the SSL Client Cert Search Criteria value in registry for Azure AD and Autopilot devices
  • Optimized Graph API usage
  • Allow MSI Always Install With Elevated Privileges restriction will now be installed in user and device scope

Android Enterprise

  • Added Advanced Qr-Code Provisioning option for Android Enterprise devices 
  • Knox Service Plugin is now handled and can be configured as a Profile
  • Added field paths for Knox Service Plugin Application Feedback

iOS and iPadOS

  • Added Device must be network-tethered option to Factory Wipe Command
  • Added Preserve Data option to Factory Wipe Command
  • Increased cryptography for client certifcates to SHA-256 with RSA algorithm and key length 2048 bits


  • Added option to assign Tags to Apple Silicon devices
  • Added remote shutdown and restart action
  • Added Device must be network-tethered option to Factory Wipe command
  • Added restriction to prevent the usage Erase Content and Settings option for users
  • Added new Software Update deferral options for macOS 12 devices
  • Added a queue check for Install Enterprise Application commands when tag settings changed
  • Added Allow nonadministrative users to approve Kernel Extensions option
  • Increased cryptography for client certifcates to SHA-256 with RSA algorithm and key length 2048 bits

Exchange Protection

  • Added Modern Authentication Method to Exchange Protection


  • Volume Purchase Program Logs will now be cleared after selected Retention Period under Logs
  • Added over 500 new device models
  • Changed *.apk extractor to DotNetZip due to some *.apk upload failures
  • Added the validation for Topic key in the CheckOut request for Apple and Android devices
  • Fixed an referencing issue in UAF with Silvesync


  • Upgraded dotnet-hosting version to 3.1.19 for upcoming Windows Server 2022 support
  • Removed LDAP Administrator Filter as the authentication is planned to be transferred to Group Memberships only

Known Issues 

  • Administrative logins with Active Directory accounts might be not working or stable. Ensure before installation to have at least one local administrator user. 
  • Enabling Allow users to connect remotely by using Remote Desktop Services might not be working or stable.
  • Removing a Tag with a Knox Service Plugin configuration from a device might lead to an undesired behavoir as the application can't be remotely uninstalled
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