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Silverback 21.0 TP1

Silverback 21.0 Technical Preview 1


Download: Matrix42 Marketplace

New Features

Microsoft Defender

  • Updated Microsoft Defender Antivirus settings with additional grouping
  • Added Microsoft Defender Antivirus Scan Exclusions
  • Added Microsoft Defender Controlled Access Folder Configuration

New Email Notifications

  • Added Notification Email in case of detected revoked Deployment Program Token
  • Added Notification Email in case of detected  iOS and iPadOS Restore from Backup


  • Added supervised information to device overview
  • Added supervised information to device grids 

Apple School Manager Integration

  • Added Administrative configuration Interface


  • Added Unique Instance Identifier for Service Bus Communication
  • App Portal Integration


  • Solved the problem of default 30 days Operating System deferral for macOS devices 
  • Added recent OS Versions for all platforms 
  • Added a select/unselect all button to OS Version and Hardware
  • Moved position of Device to Device Migration in Device Enrollment Program section
  • Added separate Android Enterprise logging category
  • Added import of E-Mail , Firstname and Lastname values from Authentication Providers


  • Updated Service Bus Message Model to 5.4.0 and Adapter to 6.3.0
  • Unused certificate has been removed for new installations
  • Removed Silverlight from installing prerequisites
  • Removed Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 from installing prerequisites
  • Updated Prerequisites screen in Installer
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