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Silverback 21.0 Update 1 TP1

Silverback 21.0 Technical Preview 1


Download: Matrix42 Marketplace

New Features

Windows 10

  • Microsoft Edge Configuration
    • Configure Defender SmartScreen, Password Manager, Startup Pages
    • Customize Search Providers or Block, modify and allow content options
  • Start Menu Configuration
    • Force Start size, Configure Pinned Folders, Hide Items
    • Deploy and modify a custom start layout 
  • Added Not configured values to several restrictions 
  • Added separate Profile for Delivery Optimization

iOS and iPadOS

  • Quick DEP Token Generation
  • App Portal and Web Clip Arrangement with Homescreen Layout
  • Distribute Signing Certificates for SMIME without writing into Active Directory

Enterprise Service Bus 

  • New Service Bus Listener Service
  • Remote Device Actions for Refresh, Block and Unblock can be executed via Service Bus
  • Added new Information to SPSComputerType
    • Network information for Phone Numbers, SIM Card identifiers
    • Certificate Information with Common Name, Thumbprints and Expiration Date


  • New Login Interface for Personal File Management


  • Jquery Update
  • Improvement for enabling and disabling profiles for Windows 10
  • Added Quick Shortcut button to Logs
  • Redirected Cloud Connector Logs to General Logs
  • Improved Audit Logging 
  • Fix for not showing first and not current user information in System Variables
  • Update for default text and graphics


  • API Change: Whenever a Device is Blocked, Compromised or a flagged with a Policy Violation the compromised status is set to true
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