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Open Web Clips with Chrome or Edge on iOS and iPadOS devices

Open Web Clips with Chrome or Edge

Silverback allows administrators to push down Internet shortcuts to their managed devices, giving users easy access to the websites the administrator wants. As Safari is the default browser on iOS and iPadOS devices and this is not changeable through the MDM protocol, this guide demonstrates a configuration workaround for how to force WebClips to open with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

The App Portal can't be reconfigured to be opened with a different browser instead of Safari.

  • Open your Silverback Management Console and login as Administrator
  • Edit your Tag that contains an existing Web Clip or add a new one
  • If you want to add as a URL, proceed as following
  • Instead of using the link format : you can change to a different prefix like the following: 

Google Chrome 

  • googlechrome:// --- this is http
  • googlechromes:// --- this is https

Microsoft Edge

  • microsoft-edge-http://
  • microsoft-edge-https:/

So if you want to open the following URL with Google Chrome, use the following link googlechromes:// and if you want to open it with Microsoft Edge, use the following link microsoft-edge-

Ensure to have either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge installed on the device before testing. 

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