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Profile Scope Overview for macOS devices

Profile Scope Overview

The following table provides an overview describing the context in which configured profiles are installed on managed macOS devices. Since Silverback 24.0 Update 1, the user context can be activated during DEP-based enrollment, this involves a change in the selected context of the profile installation. The overview should help to identify the differences for profile installation during DEP based enrollments if devices were enrolled before or after the update to Silverback 24.0 Update 1. Profiles marked with an could not be installed due to the user channel not being activated on DEP-enrolled macOS devices in older Silverback versions. The App Portal function marked with n.a. has been added in Silverback 24.0 Update 1.

Configured Profile Name in Silverback Installed Profile Name on the Device Installation Scope for SSP enrollments Installation Scope for DEP enrollments before Silverback 24.0 Update 1 Installation Scope for DEP enrollments starting from Silverback 24.0 Update 1
Exchange ActiveSync Silverback Exchange Profile User x User
Email Silverback Exchange Profile User x User
Passcode Silverback Passcode Profile User Device User
Screen Saver Silverback Screen Saver Profile Device Device Device
Restrictions Silverback Restrictions Profile User Device User
Virtual Private Network Silverback Privileges Profile User Device User
Wi-Fi Silverback Privileges Profile User Device User
Firewall Silverback Firewall Profile Device Device Device
FileVault Silverback FileVault Device Device Device
System Extensions Silverback System Extensions Device Device Device
Kernel Extensions Silverback Kernel Extensions Device Device Device
Privacy Preferences Silverback Privacy Preferences Profile Device Device Device
Notifications Settings Silverback Notification Settings User Device User
Time Server Silverback Time Server Profile Device Device Device
App Portal Silverback Privileges Profile User n.a. User
Custom Profiles Custom User Device User / Device
Web Clips Silverback Webclip Profile User x User