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General Data Protection with Matrix42 Silverback (GDPR/DSGVO)

Mobile Device Management and GDPR

Mobile device management is not just about the technical aspects of the software. Many legal requirements - including those of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) - must also be observed when using it. Matrix42 Silverback and its proper configuration supports compliance with the EU GDPR.

Matrix42 Silverback takes, at the earliest possible stage of the design of the processing operations, technical and organizational measures designed to protect the privacy of users and support data protection principles from the outset (privacy by design). Matrix42 Silverback processes a minimal amount of personal data such as first name, last name and email address. Furthermore, Matrix42 Silverback supports the privacy measures supported by device manufacturers (Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft). Location functions of the devices can only be activated according to certain criteria in order to locate the device via GPS in case of loss. These measures also support data protection through privacy-friendly default settings (privacy by default).
At the same time, Matrix42 Silverback protects private data that is generated during the use of the company device and that may not be collected and stored according to the EU GDPR - e.g. private contacts and emails, app usage frequency and browser history.

Selection of setting options to ensure GDPR

Matrix42 Silverback enables administrators to manage, secure and monitor corporate or personal mobile devices across multiple operating systems.

Passcodes, Configurations, and Policies

Encryption and Integrity


Data Separation

Remote Actions


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