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Cisco Security Connector Umbrella Setup

Cisco Security Connector 


The Cisco Security Connector provides visibility and control for organization-owned and MDM managed mobile Apple iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. The CSC's Umbrella component directs DNS traffic, including functionality for the intelligent proxy, to the Cisco Umbrella cloud where filtering against malicious sites, such as phishing sites or sites that exfiltrate information, takes place. The CSC’s Umbrella portion does not require an on-demand or always-on VPN or a full proxy to gain complete visibility and control through cloud security (not locally on the device). This makes for both easier management and simpler, more effective security.


Please refer first to the following documentation: Cisco Security Connector—Umbrella Setup Guide. As Matrix42 Silverback is not mentioned explicitly mentioned in the Article, proceed wit the guidelines for  Generic - Other MDMs within this article Register an iOS Device Through a Generic MDM System

Import and modify XML File 

This guide has been created based on an Silverback Version 21.0 Update 2. For all version below Silverback 21.0 Update 2 you will need to edit and adjust the XML file keys first with e.g. Notepad++ and save the file afterwards as a filetype *.mobileconfig. This file can be uploaded to Silverback afterwards. 

  • After downloading the generic mobileconfig file, you can easily open the XML file with e.g. Notepad++
  • Copy the complete content of this generic mobileconfig to your clipboard. 
  • Login to your Silverback Management Console 
  • Navigate to Tags and create a new Tag
    • Click New Tag
    • Enter as Name e.g. Cisco Umbrella
    • Enter a description (optional) 
    • Enable Profile in the Enabled Features section
    • Enable iPhone and/or iPad as Device Types
    • Press Save
  • Navigate to Profile
    • Click Custom Profiles
    • Click New Custom Profile
    • Enter a name, e.g. Cisco Umbrella Mobileconfig
    • Enter a description
    • Enable the Use XML checkbox
    • Paste the XML content in the appeared XML Text section 
    • Locate the Keys Serial Number and/or Label 
    • Replace the String with System Variables 

For Serial Number use the following Variable {SerialNumber} and for Label e.g. {DeviceName}

  •  Press Save 
  • Confirm with OK

If you enabled two Device Types in this Tag, navigate now to the iPad tab and repeat the steps to create the Custom Profile for iPad as well 

 Distribute new Tag

  • Navigate to the Devices Section
  • Locate one of your test devices 
  • Click the Tag icon under Actions
  • Enable your previously created Tag and press save
  • Open the Device Information and press Refresh to initiate a sync with Silverback 

Enable Auto Population for the newly created Tag after a successful test. 

Review Device 

  • On your device open Settings application 
  • Navigate to your Silverback MDM Profile 
    • e.g. General > VPN & Device Management > Silverback MDM Profile on iOS and iPadOS15 devices
  • Under contains you should see now an entry DNS Proxy 
  • Click More Details and review the DNS Proxy profile

Not all information from the XML files are present here, but at least the App and Provider Bundle should be listed

 Next Steps

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