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Missing Device Models: Add a new model

Add Device Models

After completing this how-to you will gain the knowledge how to add (missing) Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop model types in the Device Types List to see them later in the Device overview. Please refer to Missing Device Models - Overview for additional information about missing device models.

Update a missing device model

The first scenario is to update a missing device model. In case one of your users ordered and enrolled a new device that is currently not available in the device model list, you can easily update the entry in the Device Types list. 

Open Device Overview

  • Click on a Device in the Devices View where the Model is missing
  • Copy the Model Number - in this example NG482ZD for later use

Edit Device Types

  • Click on Admin
  • Select Device Types
  • Click the search button
  • Paste the Model No. in the search field and press enter
  • Click on the Edit button

Search for Model Number

  • Search for the Model No. in a separate Browser Window with any search engine
  • Copy the Model Type for later use from the result list

Update Model Number

  • Navigate back to your Silverback Management Console
  • Paste the Model Type in the Edit Device Type view from Second Step
  • Confirm with a click on Save

Sometimes it is also needed to change the "Type" field - please be aware of this


  • Navigate back to Device List View
  • The new Model behind the device should be shown now

When you have more than one device with same model number all devices will shown in the device list view now with the right model type.

Add New Device Model(s)

You can use the New Type or Bulk Import action to (proactively) add device types to Silverback.

Single Action

In case you want to extend the device type list with a single action, perform the following: 

  • Click New Device Type
  • Fill ill all necessary Create Device Type information
Setting Option Description
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Android
  • Samsung Knox
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Apple TV
Select the device type. 
Model Number e.g. SM-J530F Enter the Model Number
Description e.g. Galaxy J5 Enter a description for the Device Overview
  • Click Save 

Bulk Import

In case you have multiple new devices that you want to add or in case you uploaded a new device types lists from the Matrix 42 Marketplace, you can use this section to create either your own list and/or to use the bulk import option to uplad the new list. 

Create your*.csv file 

Bulk Model Number *.csv file needs to be created in the following format: Type ID, Device Description, Model Number

The following Type IDs are available:

  • 1 – iPad
  • 2 – iPhone
  • 3 – iPod
  • 4 – Android
  • 5 – Samsung Knox
  • 12 – Windows
  • 13 – macOS
  • 14 – Apple TV

Download Example File: Bulk_Import_Model_Numbers.xls

1;Pro 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular;MY3C2FD
2;12 Pro Max 512GB;MGDG3ZD
4;Pixel XL;Pixel XL
5;Galaxy S21 5G;SM-G991W
12;Surface Pro X;Surface Pro X

Import File
  • Click Bulk Import
  • Select Choose File
  • Navigate to your *.csv file
  • Click Open
  • Click Save
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