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Run Silverback on or with a Empirum Subdepot Server


This guide is intended for customers that are planning to install and configure Silverback and a Matrix42 Subdepot Server on the same Windows Server and when Empirum managed clients should be connected via the HTTPS protocol. In this scenario, the Matrix42 Subdepot installation is installing the needed WebDAV Publishing Web Server (IIS) Server Role on your Windows Server that allows you to publish files to and from a Web Server that yields several advantages over the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

With the installation of the WebDAVPublishing Server Role for the Web Server (IIS), the WebDAVModule and the WebDAV Handler Mappings will be installed for every website that is currently hosted on the IIS and websites that will be added in the future, which in any case includes the Silverback website. As the Module and the Handler Mappings have a heavily negative impact of the general function of Silverback, it is required to remove both configuration for the Silverback site after the WebDAVPublishing Server Role installation and after every Silverback Update and Re-Installation again to ensure that your target devices for Silverback can be enrolled and managed properly. After executing the following steps and restarting the IIS, both Silverback and the Subdepot should run simultaneously on your Windows Server without any issues.

Remove Module

  • On your Silverback and Matrix42 Subdepot Server, open the Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager
  • Expand your Server name
  • Expand Sites
  • Press Silverback
  • In the middle pane, perform a double click on Modules
  • Locate the WebDAVModule and select it
  • In the right pane, press remove
  • Confirm with Yes

Remove Hander Mappings

  • Click Silverback again
  • In the middle pane, perform a double click on Handler Mappings
  • Locate the WebDAV entry and select it 
  • In the right pane, press remove
  • Confirm with Yes

Restart IIS

  • Click your Server name
  • In the right pane, press restart
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