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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Companion Push Notification Certificate Update


Usually, Apple related certificates and tokens are valid for one year, like the Apple Push Notification Service Certificate or tokens for the Device Enrollment and Volume Purchase Program and you are already familiar with the process of renewing these certificates and tokes by yourself. When you are deploying the Companion application to managed devices, you know that e.g., Push Notifications are informing your users. To ensure this direct communication between Silverback and the Companion application, an additional certificate is required. This certificate is the Companion Push Notification Service for iOS & iPadOS and is located in the Admin and Certificate section in your Silverback Management Console. As this certificate is also valid for a one year period, this certificate needs also to be replaced every year. Usually the certificate is coming with the last Silverback Release within this period, so if you are keeping Silverback always up-to-date, the certificate will be replaced with the Silverback updates. You will find always the information in the Release Notes, if the certificate has been updated. In case, the new Silverback release won't match the expiration date of the certificate or you won't be able to update Silverback, you can use this guide to replace the Companion Push Notification certificate within just a few clicks. After completing this guide, you will have renewed your push certificate for Companion, allowing users to get notifications within the app for policy settings and file sync notifications.

For cloud customers, the certificate will be automatically updated with a hotfix or new release prior to expiration. There is no need to contact our support in this event.

Download Certificate 

  • Download the current Companion Push Notification Service Certificate: Companion.pfx
  • Copy the password c95q19hQO08efLg8 to your clipboard

The current Companion Push Notification Service Certificate is valid until 9/20/2024

Login to Management Console

Upload the Certificate 

  • Navigate to the Admin tab
  • Select Certificates
  • Locate the Companion Push Notification Service for iOS & iPadOS section
  • Click Upload Existing Certificate 
  • Select Choose File
  • Locate and select the downloaded certificate
  • Click Open or perform a double click
  • Enter the Password from your clipboard
  • Click OK

Verify Replacement

  • Review the Companion Push Notification Service for iOS & iPadOS section
  • The App Identifier should be com.matrix42.silverback.companion
  • The Expires date should be 9/20/2024
  • The Thumbprint should be D8547B728EE50A62F4DAE34D0BD792DEC4747642

Send Test Message

This part is optional.

  • Navigate to Devices
  • Click on a device that has the Companion application installed and performed a checkin inside Companion
  • Click Actions
  • Select Message
  • Enter a custom message text
  • Click Send
  • Verify that the Message is shown on the device