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Android 12 Enrollment Changes for Android Enterprise


All major releases of operating systems are containing a set of new features, several improvements and other changes. With Android 12, Google replaced the background provisioning method which will affect slightly the enrollment flows for devices managed as Device Owner or private devices that will receive the Work Profile on Android Enterprise. If you are providing any additional tutorials to your users, ensure to update them to address the upcoming changes. The replacement of the provisioning method affects only the Companion Application, so your users will be automatically downloading the newest Companion version during the Device Owner setup or from the Play Store when starting the enrollment for Work Profiles. An update of Silverback is not required. Please refer first to the Differences between Device Owner and Work Profile if you are unsure, which method you are using. The subsequent chapters will explain and demonstrate the slight changes in the enrollment process. 

Differences between Device Owner and Work Profile

Corporate-owned deployments are supported by the device owner mode of operation. A device owner mode can only be activated during the Out-of-the-box experience with the DPC identifier and activated Managed Profile. With the device owner activation all Administrator gains more control over devices. Work Profiles are indented for personal owned devices and can be configured in Silverback inside any Tag. They are designed for "Bring your own device" and "Corporate -Owned, Personally Enabled" scenarios and will create a dedicated corporate workspace on a personal used device. 

Device Owner Work Profile
Screenshot_20211021-214218_framed.png Screenshot_20211021-203017_framed.png

New Device Owner Enrollment Process for Android 12

Description Demonstration

Enrollment Process:

  • As usual, your users need to connect first to Wi-Fi or to a cellular network
  • After entering the identifier afw#matrix42, the Companion application will be downloaded and started.
  • Your users will go first through the guided enrollment process wizard inside the Matrix42 Companion application.
  • After accepting the required permission, several screens from the Out-of-the-box experience will follow.
  • After these screens, the user will be forwarded back to the Companion to finalize the enrollment.
  • At this point users can either enter the enrollment credentials manually or can utilize the Scan QR Code button to finish the enrollment. 

The major changes are the split between Companion > OOBE > Companion and that the Enroll your device screen is shown in a different way. Previously a screen was shown with the Scan QR Code method on the top and the Enter Manually on the bottom. Now both screens are combined into one. (1).gif

New Work Profile Enrollment Process for Android 12

Description Demonstration

Enrollment Process:

  • As usual, your user needs to download the Matrix42 Companion application from the Google Play Store
  • After opening the Companion, users are going first through the guided enrollment process wizard
  • After accepting the required permission, the user can decide to scan either the QR code or entering the enrollment credentials manually
  • After providing the credentials or QR code the Work Profile activation process will be initialized
  • By pressing next, users will get back into the Companion which shortly shows the Waiting for work profile operations screen
  • Additionally, a new System Notification "Finish Setup" is shown in the Notification Bar. At this point your users needs either to tab on the Notification or open the Companion application inside the Work Profile
  • By accepting the required permission, the Work Profile setup will be finished, and configurations will apply on the device

The major changes are that the switch to the Work Profile will not be automatically and the "Provision of work profile was finished" setup screen will not appear anymore. Instead the Companion reappears and the user needs to tab on the system notification or open the Companion inside the Work Profile to finish the Work Profile setup. 

Work Profile Enrollment Android 12.mp4
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