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Add Enterprise Apps to Managed Google Play

Add Enterprise Apps to Managed Google Play

With Android Enterprise  it's possible to host enterprise applications on Google's Content Delivery Network via the Google Play store. In this case you will benefit from the fast performance for deploying your enterprise apps and it won't impact the Silverback server performance, while at the same time keeping them private to your company. This involves creating or using an existing developer account and publish applications through Managed Play via the Google Play Console. In addition to this knowledgebase article, please refer to the official documentation on how to Distribute private apps.


  • A Google Developer Account
  • Access to Google Play Console 

Grant Access to your Organization

Once an application has been validated by Google, you or your application developer can use the Google Play Console to add your organization to the private application to make the application visible and available to your Android Enterprise so that you can integrate the application into the App Portal. To achieve this, the following steps must be taken.

  • Open Google Play Console
  • Select the private app you or your application developer want to edit
  • Go to Release > Setup > Advanced settings
  • Select the Managed Google Play tab
  • In Organizations, click Add organization
  • For each organization that you want to publish the app to, enter the Organization ID and a description (or name) and click Add. You can enter up to 1000 organizations per app
  • Click Save changes
  • Press Done 

You can review your Organisation ID in your Management Console in the Admin tab under Android Enterprise or Android Management. Please refer to Android Enterprise Integration or to Manage Android Enterprise with Android Management API additional information.

Add Application to Silverback

After the app submission is complete, login to Silverback and add your Enterprise Application

add enterprise app to managed play_02.png

  • Press Save

After this process is complete, you should be able to distribute your application to your devices like any other application. 

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