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Join the Companion Beta Channel


In some cases, mostly advised from our support, it might be necessary to test something on Android Enterprise with a Companion Beta version. This guide shows you how to subscribe to the Companion beta channel in a few steps to install a beta version on your device. Please remember to leave the beta channel after testing, otherwise you may install unstable versions in the future. 

Before you Start

  • Ensure that the Matrix42 Companion ( application is added to the App Portal as Managed Play Application
  • Ensure that the Matrix42 Companion application is added into the App Section of a Tag
  • Ensure that the Tag is assigned to your device(s)

To keep the Companion application up to date on your devices, we recommend that you deploy the Companion application with an automatically populated tag to your devices with the Automatically push to managed devices App Management option enabled.

Join Beta Channel on an enrolled device

  • Open Google Play
  • Locate and select the Matrix42 Companion application
  • In the overview, locate the Join the beta section
  • Press Join
  • Confirm with Join
  • The beta signup process will start now and will take a few minutes

Fasten Signup Process

With a few tricks you can speed up the signup process:

  • Reboot the device or kill the Google Play application
  • Open Google Play, and select the Matrix42 Companion Again
  • The application should be changed to Matrix42 Companion (Beta)
  • If the Update button is not yet, there, Clear the Cache of Google Play
    • To clear the cache, perform a long press on the Google Play application, select App Info and use the Clear cache action under Storage & Cache
    • Please note that the path to the clear cache action may vary between the device manufacturers 
  • After clearing the cache, kill Google play and reopen the App
  • Now you should see the Update Button
  • Press Update
  • Press Open to open the Matrix42 Companion Beta version
  • Wait until the synchronization process is completed
  • Open the Hamburger Menu on the upper left, select about and review your newly installed beta version

Join Beta Channel during enrollment

  • Use during the out-of-the-box-experience as Google Account afw#matrix42beta instead of afw#matrix42

Leave the Beta Channel

  • After you performed your test with the Beta, we recommend to opt out from the Beta Channel
  • Open Google Play, and select Matrix42 Companion
  • Locate the You're a beta tester section
  • Press Leave
  • Confirm with Leave
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