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The Tags screen will list all the currently ‘active’ tags within the Silverback Environment, even if they do not have any devices associated with them.  After the first installation of Silverback Administrators will see System Tags for all supported operating systems. To proceed let's clarify first the two different Tag types that are existing in Silverback and their purpose.

Tag Types

Type Purpose 
SYSTEM System Tags will automatically deployed to the corresponding devices types. They can't be deleted and have a hard coded Auto Population value. In System Tags only minimum settings should be configured which will affect all devices within the company. This could be for example Passcode settings, Root and Intermediate Certificates, Companion settings or Lockdown settings. 
Admin Admin Tags should be created and deployed to flexible configurations for Areas, Departments within the company. E.g the Marketing department will receive a different configuration than the Production department, so you can easily two separated Tags for both departments and deploy them based on Active Directory Groups with a LDAP filter. 

Tag Overview

Navigate to Tags, there is a list of all existing Tags within Silverback. The overview provides the following:

Detail Description
New Tag Takes the Administrator to the Add Admin Tag screen.
Tag # Displays the Tag ID
Name The friendly name associated with the Tag
Description Displays the general description of the Tag
Type System or Admin Tag
Devices # Number of devices associated with it.
Device Types The types of devices that the Tag is designed for.
Edit Edits the selected Tag
Clone Clones the selected Tag. SYSTEM Tags will be converted to Admin Tags
Delete Deletes the selected Tag.

Please follow the Guides below to get an overview of how to create and deploy Tags and what each Device Type offers within.  


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