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Policies are designed for the Android Enterprise device management with the Android Management API and the creation button will be visible in the Management Console after the integration of the Android Management. The Android Management API (AMAPI) is a policy and cloud-based management where devices communicate directly with the built-in Android client (Android Device Policy), whereas the traditional Android Enterprise method uses an additional client application (Companion). Policies (also called a policy) are the core resource of the Android Management API and are used to create and save groups of device and app management settings.Policies are a type of Tags in the Management Console, but they are separated from the general tag documentation. Please note that if you have not set up your Android device management using the Android Management API, but rather using the Companion application (as outlined in the Android Enterprise Integration guide) to manage devices, you should use System and Admin Tags to configure your devices. Policies are only intended for the newer method of managing Android devices using the Android Management API. 


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