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The Device section is the central part of the device management in Silverback and is divided into 4 different areas that represent the life cycle of a device. The different areas of the Silverback Management Console are described in the following table.  

Section Description
Pending Displays outstanding pending enrollment requests, meaning that either a user has entered their credentials into the Silverback Self Service Portal and received a One Time Password to enroll their device, or administrators have created enrollments on behalf of users.
Managed Contains devices that have successfully enrolled in Silverback and conform to the optional set of policies applied via Tags.
Blocked Contains devices that are enrolled in Silverback but have a problem installing profiles or applications, or do not comply with the optional set of policies applied via a tag. Devices in Blocked are denied access to sensitive corporate data such as Wi-Fi or VPN access, or managed applications, but device configurations made via Restrictions are still applied.
Checked Out Displays devices where Silverback has detected that the user has manually unregistered their devices.

For further information, please refer to the corresponding guides for the individual areas: 


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