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Users Guide Part II: Bulk Import Local Users

Bulk Import Local Users

With a bulk import you can easily import users based from a comma-separated values file. To execute a bulk import for local users, perform the following steps:

  • Login to Silverback admin console as an Administrator
  • Navigate to Users
  • Click Bulk Import
  • Proceed with Preparation


  • Copy all details from column P to clipboard
  • Paste all details as values in a new Sheet and save this as CSV


  • Navigate back to your Silverback Management Console 
  • Click Choose File
  • Locate your previously created *.csv file
  • Select the file and press open or perform a double click
  • Enable Update Existing Users (optional)
  • Enable Email User Details (optional) 
  • Press Save 
  • If all went right the following Information comes up

Review Upload

  • In the last step please click on Users Tab again
  • There you find the imported users now


If you run in an import Error, please read which Line is affected in the CSV file and correct this.

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