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Policies Guide Part I: Create a Policy


Policies are designed for the Android Enterprise device management with the Android Management API and the creation button will be visible in the Management Console after the integration of the Android Management. The Android Management API (AMAPI) is a policy and cloud-based management where devices communicate directly with the built-in Android client (Android Device Policy), whereas the traditional Android Enterprise method uses an additional client application (Companion). Policies (also called a policy) are the core resource of the Android Management API and are used to create and save groups of device and app management settings. A policy can be applied to one or more devices, but a device can only have a single policy at any given time.

Before you Start

Before you start, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use a persona model to create and configure policies and enroll your devices
  • Policies cannot be named Default and cannot be renamed after they are created
  • Do not use # / \ symbols in policy names or use exceptionally long names
  • A device can only be assigned to one policy, and policy switching is not supported
  • Policies can only be deleted if there are no devices associated with the policy


Create A new Policy 

  • Login to your Management Console as an Administrator
  • Navigate to Tags
  • Press New Policy
  • Enter a friendly name (required) and review the Tooltip next to Name
  • Enter a description (optional)
  • Enable at least one Feature
    • Profile 
    • Apps
  • Select a Device Ownership
    •  Company-owned
    •  Personally-owned
    • Company-owned with personal usage
  • Press Save


  • After saving your policy, navigate to the Enrollment section
  • In this section you will see a QR-Code and an enrollment token that is also included in the QR-Code 
  • The displayed QR code contains the enrollment token and other information needed to enroll the device
  • In addition, the Enrollment tab contains information about device ownership and how to enroll devices with this policy
  • At this stage, you can already enroll and manage devices with the policy that has not been further configured. To populate your blank policy with additional settings and applications, follow the instructions below.

Configure Your Policy

After your initial Policy creation by clicking Save in the Definition section, all Enabled Features will be activated in the left panel and you can fill the Policy with device ownership dependent configurations and applications. Please refer to the following guide to review your options:

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