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App Portal

App Portal

The App Portal is the central repository for all applications that are going to be administered by the Silverback System. Here you can add public App Store applications or upload your organization owned Enterprise applications. Applications purchased with the Volume Purchase Program will be imported automatically to the App Portal and for your corporate Managed Play Store running on Android Enterprise with Companion or with the Android Management API, the App Portal is the starting point for adding your Managed Play applications. In general, the App Portal is structured in Device Types and displays the following information for each added application. 

Information Description
Type Displays the application type for each application and device type.
Name Displays the friendly name of the application.
Version Displays the current version of the application.
Description Displays the application description. Application descriptions for App Store, Enterprise and Volume Purchase Program applications are shown in the App Portal Web Clip on devices. Descriptions for Volume Purchase Program applications are imported automatically and for Managed Play Store application, the description is only shown in the Management Console as the original descriptions from the application on Google Play will be shown to users. 
Application Feedback Displays a message-centric bird's eye view of collected feedbacks for applications that are using the application feedback channel capability on Android Enterprise, indicated by an notification icon. By opening, a new pop-up will open with a collection of feedback's shown over all devices where feedback has been received. The overview contains the received messages, an indication for the severity, a device drill down option and the policy name and the policy path, organized and optimized for the provided application feedback message keyed app state.
Edit Edit the details of an application for adding or adjusting icons or descriptions, replacing binaries and configuring App Management options. The App Management options set in the App Portal serve as default settings when the app is added later to Tags.
Remove This will remove the application from the App Portal and the application is no longer managed.

The following Guides will handle the different applications types and how to add and configure them. 

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