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Silverback Update II: Upgrade to Major Version

Upgrade to Major Version

This section will describe the update from e.g. Silverback to Silverback 

Silverback versions can be installed over a newer one. It is not necessary, for example, to perform intermediate steps when updating e.g. from Silverback 20.0 Update 3 to Silverback 21.0 Update 2 . Each Silverback version can be considered as a standalone version, as it contains the full installer. 


  • Launch the installer executable
  • Click Run
  • Wait until extracting is finished
  • Click Next
  • Ensure all prerequisites are installed and configured
  • Click Next
  • Select „I accept the terms in the license agreement“
  • Press Next
  • Enter a username and organization name

This information is stored with Windows to track the installation, this information is only stored locally and is not sent anywhere.

  • Click Next
  • Click Next or change to your custom location for the Silverback Website files and Services. Proceed with Next

This should match the current installation, or the installer will deploy a new website in IIS.

  • Ensure that all Silverback and IIS services has stopped
  • Select I understand and choose to proceed with the installation
  • Click Next
  • Select Standard Setup Type and click Next
  • Click Install
  • Confirm Silverback Installer Information for required reboot 

A reboot is optional after upgrade

  • When the Upgrade is finished, keep everything as it is and proceed with Database Update

Database Update

  • The Silverback Installation Wizard will detect your current configuration and will prompt you to launch the admin console. 

Do not click Finish. 

  • Re-start all previously stopped services (Silverback Services + IIS)

restart-service w3svc,silv*,epic*,mat*  (Powershell + Administrative Privileges )

  • Navigate back to the Installation Wizard
  • Ensure that the Launch the Silverback Admin Console checkbox is enabled
  • Click Finish 
  • The Admin Console will be opened  in your browser 
  • Click Continue to this website 
  • Wait until Database Upgrade page will appear 
  • Click Start Upgrade
  • Wait for completion
  • After the upgrade, your browser will redirect to the admin console login. Continue with the verification steps

Upgrade Verification

To verify that your installation functions as expected. Login to the admin console and inspect the devices list and other settings to ensure the console is functioning as expected. Also, test basic device functions such as:

  • Do enrolled devices have all of the settings they had prior to the upgrade?
  • Do the device functions (Lock, Block, Wipe etc.) function as expected?
  • Does an OTP generate successfully?
  • Was this article helpful?