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Silverback 19.0 Update 3 TP2

Silverback 19.0 Update 3 Technical Preview 2

New Features 


  • Serial number information has been added to devices overview
  • New Device Actions for API
    • Restart
    • CleanPC
    • Rename 
    • Enable Lost Mode
    • Disable Lost Mode
    • Play Sound
    • Device Location
    • Shutdown device


  • New Restrictions
    • Allow Parent Profile Apps Linking
    • Allow Add the Managed Profile
    • Allow Add Users
    • Allow Autofill 
    • Allow Bluetooth
    • Allow Bluetooth Sharing 
    • Allow Configure Cell Broadcasts
    • Allow Change Language
    • Allow Configure Mobile Networks
    • Allow Modify DNS Settings
    • Allow Configure Tethering
    • Allow Screen Capture
    • Allow Content Suggestions
    • Allow Create Windows 
    • Allow Data Roaming
    • Allow Fun
    • Allow Unknown Sources 
    • Allow Mount Physical Media 
    • Allow Network Reset 
    • Allow Outgoing Calls 
    • Allow Remove Managed Profile 
    • Allow Reboot Into Safe Boot Mode
    • Allow Set Icon
    • Allow Set Wallpaper
    • Allow Sharing Data Into Managed Profile
    • Allow SMS
    • Allow System Error Dialogs
    • Allow Adjust Microphone Volume
    • Allow User Switch
    • Allow Cross Profile Contact Search
  • Application Update Control for Google Managed Play
    • Auto-install mode
    • Charging state constraint
    • Device idle state constraint
    • Network type constraint
    • Auto-install priority
    • Minimum Version Code

Changes & Improvements

  • iPadOS is shown as iPad in grids and detailed info
  • iPad and iPadOS has been separated for reports
  • OS types are now sorted alphabetically in dropdown selection under Dashboards
  • Force Wi-Fi Power On Restriction for iOS/iPadOS default value has been changed to deactivated 
  • API Controllers has been sorted alphabetically in help
  • Legay Android for Work API has been deprecated
  • Added device renaming validation for name length


  • Fix for deactivating single app mode
  • Fix for empty application exports in dashboards
  • Fix for some "force" restrictions
  • Fix for Android devices not receiving Google ID in some cases
  • Fix for registration complete form UI
  • Fix for redundant lost mode field in Android device info
  • Fix for not actual info shown for DEP devices in list
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