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Silverback 19.0 Update 2 TP2

Silverback 19.0 Update 2 Technical Preview 2


Download: Matrix42 Marketplace

New Features


  • Android Enterprise Managed Application actions
  • Display Individual Client Certificates in Device Overview
  • Certificate Trust and Individual Certificates Enhancements
    • Fixed Certificates List for Personal Companion
    • Implemented certificates removal on block and unenrollment for Android devices 
    • Show Key Store and device area info about certificate 
    • Merge certificate list from personal and work areas
    • Added "Managed by Silverback" label for certificate list
    • Fixed certificate removal when Device Owner Device goes to Blocked
    • Fixed certificate refresh and installation
    • Removed redundant hint for Samsung certificates
    • Prevented certificates sending for individual non Samsung devices
  • Default Runtime permission configurations
    • Prompt
    • Auto Grant
    • Auto Deny
  • Improvement for Managed Play app installations


  • Preparation for GSuite binding
  • Preparation for new device types


  • iOS13 General Support
  • iOS13 Restrictions has been moved to supervised section
  • iOS13 Support for User Enrollment
  • Added tooltip for User Enrollment supported restrictions
  • Added ability to predefine Managed Apple ID based on Variables
  • Added 7 new restrictions for iOS13
    • Allow Files Network Drive Access
    • Allow Files USB Drive Access
    • Force Wi-Fi Power On
    • Allow Hotspot Modification
    • Allow Find My Device
    • Allow Find My Friends
    • Allow QuickPath Keyboard


  • iPadOS General Support
  • iPadOS Simple Enrollment
  • Preparation for User Enrollment


  • macOS Simple Enrollment
  • macOS Catalina General Support
  • Preparation for User Enrollment


  • tvOS13 General Support
  • New Restrictions
    • Parental Control for Apps, Movies and TV content
    • Allow Incoming AirPlay Requests
    • Allow Device Sleeping
  • New Profiles
    • AirPlay Security
    • TV Remote

Changes & Improvements

  • Updated User Interface for Certificates
  • LDAP connection check supports now Cloud Connector
  • Managed application list has been removed from Device Overview
  • Re-added warnings for Apple Push Notification service if thumbprint is different
  • Security Patch Level is now visible for Blocked Devices Tab
  • More Button has been renamed to Actions on Device Overview
  • Changes in App column sizes in Tags will not affect App Portal view
  • Clear Delta Token for Volume Purchase Program
  • Changed column sizes for Blocked devices for preventing vertical scrollbars
  • Changed M42Documents Silversync BundleID from beta to public
  • Username has been changed to default search item for devices
  • Certificate Picker Improvements
    • Available for Agent Certificate Thumbprint in Android & SamsungSafe Tags
    • Available for Windows 10 Certificate settings under Admin > Windows Phone
    • Added blank field for non selections
    • Resized Drowdown fields
  • Removed ability to change application type after adding to App Portal
  • Windows 10 Clean PC action has been renamed to Clean
  • Replaced empty value for EAP Type dropdown to "None" for Samsung Safe and Android Wi-Fi profiles
  • Added tooltip to Android Beam restriction


  • Fix for Device Overview columns and sizes
  • Fix for Reset Console Column Layout button
  • Fix for Removing computer object in Active Directory after Factory Wipe
  • Fix for Connection Error when Assign More Apps
  • Fix for same BundleID with different Type
  • Fix for LDAP authentication error if password contains colon symbol
  • Fix for XML Configuration is shown for App Portal & VPP Apps
  • Fix for command priority for Install Application on Windows 10​
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