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Silverback 19.0 Update 2 TP1

Silverback 19.0 Update 2 Technical Preview 1


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New Features

Android & Samsung Safe

  • Added new Restrictions
    • Allow Factory Wipe
    • Allow Airplane Mode
    • Allow Ambient Display
    • Allow Configuration of Brightness
    • Allow Configuration of Date, Time and Timezone
    • Allow Configuration of Location
    • Allow Configuration of Screen Off Timeout
    • Allow Printing
    • Allow Volume Control
    • Allow USB Host Storage
    • Allow Android Beam
  • Gmail supports now Unlimited Past Days of Mail to Sync


  • iOS App Store Search for Countries
  • iOS Remember my choice for store search
  • iOS Email supports now custom passwords 


  • Import for macOS Volume Purchase Program applications

Windows 10 

  • Windows 10 Custom Profiles
  • Windows 10 Rename Device


  • Tag Auto Population options for
    • Device Owner
    • Single Serial Number
  • Lockdown action delete business data
  • Lockdown Inactivity Actions
    • Lock, Block, Delete Business Data for not seen devices in 14,30,60,90,180,265
    • On next connection to Silverback these actions will be performed automatically
  • Exchange Active Sync Configuration supports now Variables for Labels
    • Not supported on Gmail
  • Certificate Picker for Certificates 
  • LDAP Connection Checker
  • SMTP Test Button

Changes & Improvements

  • Added new column for Device Owner under Devices
  • Added possibility to display 50 and 100 Tags
  • Ability to factory wipe personal devices has been removed at all
  • Used AppleID for APNS Certificate is now required and will be displayed
  • Used Google Account is now shown after Android Enterprise activation
  • Device Enrollment Program sections displays now Expiration Date of DEP Token
  • Display Choose File is shown next to DEP Token
  • AppleTV is now enabled by default
  • Lock action name is changed for Wipe to Factory Wipe
  • Managed App Configuration is now queued in Companion
  • Companion logs activities now per default for 7 days 
  • OS Update column is now available for Blocked Device Grid
  • Enterprise Packages has been macOS renamed to Enterprise
  • After adding a device to a Tag an instant Push Notification will be send to the device
  • Android Enterprise Activation settings has been renamed
  • Azure AD has been moved from Settings Administrator to Administrator
  • Azure AD has been renamed to Azure Active Directory
  • Select All Devices function for attaching devices is now available
  • Added ability to find device by ID in attach device to tag window
  • Added Ability to search by "Assets Id" for Volume Purchase Program Assets
  • Default columns has been adjusted
  • Renamed OSX device type to macOS
  • Certificates under Licenses has been moved to Certificate sections under Admin
    • Redundant Information has been removed
  • Pointless Default Email Template has been removed 
  • Descriptions for Managed Play apps are now optional 
  • We detect now a missing description before we upload the Enterprise Application
  • Deprecated Divide Email client has been removed
  • Added Tooltip for Managed Account activation for Managed Profile


  • Fix for Certificate Trust on Android
    • Fixed missed device types displaying for Certificate Trust section
    • Fixed Remove Certificate error for Work Profile 
    • Disable Certificate Trusts will not be deleted certificates from device
    • Fixed certificates installation and removal issue for android devices
    • Certificate Trust and Managed Profiles dependency
  • Fix for Computer Account Creation when Hardware Authentication is used with predefined labels
  • Passwords are now hidden in Audit Logs
  • Fix for Clone Tag Functionality
  • Fix for Direct Forwarding Issue after first activation for Authentication Providers
  • Fix for customized columns in FlexiGrid
  • Fix for incorrect data in Resultant Tag for Managed Profile
  • Fix for Tag Title is missing at Single Sign On and Web Content Filter configuration for iOS


  • Windows Server 2008 R2 support due to Security Improvement for HSTS headers
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