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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

macOS Guide V: Deploy Apps

Add an Application

Matrix42 allows you to add *pkg files for macOS devices and deploy application via the Volume Purchase Program. Please refer to our Management Guide Part IV: App Portal

In order to deploy applications you need to do the following general steps:

  • Add Enterprise application to the Silverback App Portal
  • Assign public and internal apps to device Tags

ADD Package

  • Please refer first to Application Guide Part V: Add macOS Application
  • Navigate to App Portal
  • Select the device type macOS  in secondary menu bar below
  • Click on New Application’
  • Enter a Name for the Application
  • Enter a Description (optional)
  • Upload the *.pkg file
  • Upload the *.plist file
Setting Configuration Description
Name e.g. Empirum Agent The display name of the application being added.
Description e.g. Emprium Agent will create a unique hybrid management scenario for macOS devices.  The description of the application to display. Will be displayed in App Portal in Silverback.
PKG File Choose File Upload your *.ppkg
PLIST File Choose File Upload your mandatory corresponding manifest PLIST file. Please refer to Create a PLIST for Enterprise Applications on macOS for additional information

ASSIGN Package

  • In the main menu bar select Tag
  • Edit the macOS  system tag by clicking on the ‘Edit’ icon on the right side.
  • You are now in the ‘Definition’ tabs on the left side.  Ensure that ‘Apps’ is enabled on the right side.
  • On the left tab bar switch to ‘Apps’.
  • Select the Applications you want to add to the Tag.
  • Click on ‘Add Selected Apps’. 
  • Click Save & Close


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