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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

macOS Guide II : Connect a device

Enrollment Process

Create and Download your Profile

Configure Self Service as an Administrator under Admin > Self Service Portal

  • Click Start
  • On the next page your activation one time password is shown, e.g. dof9
  • Depending on your macOS configuration you will additionally receive a SMS
  • Click either from your Browser or from your SMS the shown activation Link (e.g.
  • Press Allow to confirm the download of your profile
  • Now locate your downloaded profile in System Settings and install it

Locate and Install Profile 

  • Open System Settings
  • Select Privacy & Security
  • Scroll down to Others
  • Select Profiles
  • Double click on Silverback by Matrix42 enrollment
  • Press Install
  • Click Install to confirm 
  • Enter your macOS device password 
  • Click OK 
  • Your Silverback by Matrix42 EMM Profile should now be installed and your device is now connected to Silverback
  • Close the Profiles window

On older devices, the application is named as System Preferences and the Profile is located under Profiles. Press Install (2x), enter your macOS device password, and press Enrol

Next Steps 

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