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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

macOS Guide II : Connect a device

Enrollment Process

  • Open Safari on your macOS device

Only Safari allows to install Management Profiles on iOS devices.

Configure Self Service as an Administrator under Admin > Self Service Portal

  • Click Start
  • On the next page your activation one time password is shown, e.g. dof9
  • Depending on your macOS configuration you will additionally receive a SMS
  • Click either from your Browser or from your SMS  the shown activation Link (e.g.

Configure One Time Password as an Administrator under Admin > Self Service Portal > One Time Passwords

  • On the upcoming page enter now your one time passwordm e.g. dof9
  • Click Submit 

Your macOS switches now to your system settings and will ask for to install a profile

  • Click Install 
  • Click Install to confirm 
  • Enter your macOS device password 
  • Click OK 
  • Your Silverback by Matrix42 EMM Profile should now be installed and your device is now connected to Silverback. 
  • Close the Profiles window

Next Steps 

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