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Getting Started with Silverback SaaS


This article describe first steps with your Matrix42 Silverback SaaS solution and also offers links to the documentation of the different possibilities / topics.

If you have opened this page from your welcome E-Mail you should already have the required Information to login to your Software Asset Management SaaS as well as needed Certificates for the Silverback Cloud Connector.

Getting Started

General Documentation

There is more you can do with Silverback and the complete product documentation can be found here.

Administrator Guides

The Administrator guide explains how to configure and administrate Matrix42 Silverback and can be found here.


Silverback offers the ability to brand your Silverback SaaS solution. All possibilities can be found here:

Device Integration Guides

Silverback offers the possibility to integrate devices with different operating systems. The following guides show how to integrate and manage them.


Silverback offers besides of internal Accounts two Identity Provider options, Active Directory and SAML2 Providers (e.g. Azure Active Directory). For On-premises solutions it is necessary to install the Silverback Cloud Connector to establish a connection between the On-premises infrastructure and the Matrix42 Cloud Service. How to connect with the Identity Providers is documented here.

Silverback Cloud Connector

To connect local Active Directories, Certification Authority or others On-premises solutions it is needed to install the Cloud Connector in your On-premises infrastructure to establish a connection with you Matrix42 Cloud Service. How to do so can be found here:

Android Enterprise Integration

Android Enterprise offers several benefits for corporate and private owned devices. A guide how to enable it can be found here:

Apple Deployment Programs Integration

Apple Business Manager is the place for IT teams to automate device deployment, purchase and distribute content, and manage roles in their organizations. Working seamlessly with Silverback, Apple Business Manager makes it easy to enroll devices, deploy content, and delegate administrative privileges.

The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) are seamlessly integrated into Apple Business Manager, so you can bring together everything needed to deploy iOS devices and Mac computers in your organization. An integration guide can be found here

Certification Authority Integration

Silverback offers the possibility to interact with a Microsoft Active Directory Certification Authority, which can be used to distribute User-Based Identity Certificates to users as they enroll into Silverback. An integration guide can be found here.

API Integration

Silverback offers the possibility to interact with your Cloud Service via API. The documentation can be found here:

Other Integration Guides

Silverback provides much more integrations and guides as mentioned here. They can be found in the official product documentation here.

Sending E-Mails

We provide a pre-configured SMTP Server with your Installation so you could start sending mails right away with you Silverback SaaS solution. You can change this configuration at any time and replace it with your own SMTP Server if available from the internet.

We recommend to change the pre-configured SMTP Server to your own when you are using Silverback SaaS productively. With the default SMTP Server provided by Matrix42 you cannot change the Sender E-Mail address which must end with, otherwise E-Mails will be rejected. You are also not able to change SMTP related settings or will be able to see logs, activity etc.