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Android Guide V: Deploy Apps

Add an Application

  • Navigate to App Portal
  • Navigate to Android or Samsung Knox
  • Click New Application
  • Change Type to App Store
  • Enter as a Name e.g. Microsoft Teams
  • Add as description
    • Microsoft Teams is a business communication platform that offers workspace chat and videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration
  • Enter as URL e.g.
  • Click Choose File to upload an icon for Microsoft Teams
  • Enable Visible in App Portal
  • Click Save

Change to Android or Samsung and repeat this steps to add more applications.  

Please refer to our Management Guide Part IV: App Portal for additional information.

Assign Application

  • Navigate to Tags
  • Edit your previously created tag or create a new one
  • Enable Apps Feature on the upper right and ensure to enable at least one of your target Device Types
  • Click Save
  • Navigate to Apps
  • Click Assign More Apps
  • Select now your added applications (e.g. Microsoft Teams)
  • Click Add Selected Apps
  • Navigate to Definitions
  • Click Push to Devices

Without Push to devices the device will receive updates with the next check-in. 

  • Click Save & Close
  • Confirm with OK

Open App Portal

  • Take one of your enrolled devices
  • Open the App Portal icon on your home screen
  • Check all your added applications

Install Application

  • Tab install on your desired application
  • You will be redirected to Google Play to install any application distributed with this way
  • Tab install

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