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Android Guide III: Devices


  • Navigate back or open your Silverback Management Console
  • Login as an Administrator
  • Navigate to Devices
  • Once your device is enrolled and the App Portal icon is visible on the Android or Samsung Knox device you will see the device here

Adjust your colums

  • Hover over the Username column and click the arrow button
  • Disable Battery (optional)
  • Disable Storage (optional)
  • Disable OS Update (iOS only)
  • Enable Security Patch Level (Android Only)

Try a couple of things to customize your view

Check your surroundings

  • You will see a select button in the first column
  • You will see a Device ID
  • Select your first enrolled  device
  • You will see Multiple Actions button on the right
  • Click the Multiple Actions button
  • Nothing will happen! 

Enroll a second device and try it again

  • Check the actions column

Managed Device Actions

The Actions column offers you the following possibilities: 

Assign Tag clipboard_e5ff7ba0191ab91401aa4514a92666982.png

Manually assign additional Tags to a device.

Please refer to 

Lock clipboard_ee8b51b15fa976b048fe2e6c94ebf6260.png

Lock the device. The user needs to re-enter his passcode to get access.

Block clipboard_e463dac2e2b3394361d2f653742c139b7.png

Blocks the device, remove all tags settings except restrictions but keeps the device under management

Navigate to Blocked to unblock devices manually. After that all Tags will be-reassigned. 

Factory Wipe clipboard_e29aca10253aec8d8ad19da8b070b3dd1.png

This option performs a full device wipe to factory defaults

The device is completely wiped and all company & user data gets erased.

Delete Business Data clipboard_efc9adaf620855a3c222b9956f7e9ccb2.png

Un-enrolls the device and move device into Checked out section

This will remove all company apps, profiles & data from device but leave the private data of the user untouched.

  • Now click on your enrolled device and open device overview

Device Overview

Device overview will display the following information

  • Username and Last Update information
  • Device Overview Actions (Refresh, Resultant Tags, More)
  • Managed application List (Action, Name, Status) 
  • Device Information (Name, OS Version, Ownership, Serial Number etc.)
  • Assigned Tags (Displays assigned Tags)
  • Network Information (Country, Carrier, Phone Number etc.)
  • Restriction Information (Displays active restrictions on the device)
  • Security Information (Last Checkin, Password compliance etc.)
  • Android Enterprise Information (requires an Android Enterprise integration)
  • Profile List (Displays active profiles on the device)
  • Certificate List (Displays distributed certificates on the device)
  • Application List (Installed applications on the device)

Device Overview Actions

Action Requirement Description
Refresh None With a refresh the system triggers a connection to the device and send / retrieve new information.
Resultant Tags None Gives an overview of applied tags, apps  and restrictions.
Pending Commands None Displays database information about past and upcoming device commands.
Status History None Displays database information about the Device History.
Managed Applications None Displays all available assigned applications with remote installation actions.

Clear Passcode

Android Enterprise 

Click Clear passcode if the device user forgot his passcode to simply turn passcode off.
Restart Android Enterprise and/or Samsung Device Devices will instantly perform a restart after receiving the command. There is no hint for the end users and they might lose unsaved work. 

Next Steps

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