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Admin Guide Part II: Create new system user


The following article describes how to create a new user in the Silverback Management Console. Adding system users is the easiest and fasted way to provide Administrators, Help Desk employees or Application distributors access to the management system. Please refer to Admin Guide Part I: Role Based Access for further information about different roles. 

Add a new system user

  • Open the Silverback Management Console
  • Login as an Administrator
  • Click on Admin
  • Navigate to User Management
  • Click New System User
  • Enter a Username, e.g. ttober
  • Enter a Email address, e.g.
  • Enter a password, e.g. Pa$$w0rd
  • Conirm the password
  • Enable Receive Email Alerts option (optional)
  • Change the Date Format (optional)
  • Select an appropriate Time Zone (optional)
  • Select the desired Role 
  • Change the Language (optional)
  • Click Save 

Validate new system user

  • Press the Log Out button
  • Enter your previously entered Username
  • Enter your previously entered Password
  • You should be logged in now.


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