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iOS Guide V: Deploy Apps

Add an Application

  • Open your Silverback Management Console (e.g
  • Login as an Administrator
  • Navigate to App Portal
  • Navigate to iPhone or iPad
  • Click New Application
  • Select the Country in where you want to find the application
  • Navigate to Name and start typing the name of the application (a search is starting)
  • Select the desired application
  • Click Save

Change to iPad or iPhone to repeat this steps. 

Please refer to our Management Guide Part IV: App Portal for additional information.

Assign Application

  • Navigate to Tags
  • Edit your previously created tag or create a new one
  • Enable Apps Feature on the upper right and ensure to enable at least one of your target Device Types
  • Click Save
  • Navigate to Apps
  • Click Assign More Apps
  • Select now your added applications (e.g. Microsoft Teams)
  • Click Add Selected Apps
  • Press Edit to Review the deployment options and ensure that Visible in App Portal is enabled
  • Navigate to Definitions
  • If not done already in previous chapters, Enable Auto Population

With this setting our new Tag will apply by default to all enabled Device Types in this Tag. For additional configuration please refer to our full document Auto Population

  • Click Push to Devices

Without Push to devices the device will receive updates with the next check-in. 

  • Click Save & Close
  • Confirm with OK

Open App Portal

  • Take one of your enrolled devices
  • Open the App Portal icon on your home screen
  • Check all your added applications

Install Application

  • Tab install on your desired application
  • You will be prompted for an App Installation
  • Tab Install
  • Tab the Home Button
  • Notice the Installation progress
  • Wait until the installation is finished

When you enable Automatically push to managed devices on adding applications, the user will be prompted to install that application. 

Next Steps

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