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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Self Service Portal Guide

The acceptance of IT as service provider in the company grows from year to year. The user is a customer and the customer is a king, and the king has to be inspired round the clock.

If you look beyond IT and consider the success of modern service providers such as eBay or Amazon, you will see that this success is largely based on their Internet portals. As standardized interfaces, they form the basis of transparent, cost-optimized, permanently available, and high-quality service offers.

In the same way, the Matrix42 Self Service Portal is the interface to the IT user in a company. In addition to a shopping cart with integrated approval procedures, the Matrix42 Self Service Portal maps the provisioning process in its entirety. Just as eBay and Amazon automatically control the logistics in the background, the Matrix42 Self Service Portal completely initiates the provisioning of services by using directory services or software distribution programs.

Entries that were made by your customers in the Matrix42 Self Service Portal are saved in Matrix42 Service Desk or Matrix42 Service Catalog and can be managed there.


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