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Unix inventory data provider attribute mapping


This article contains the attribute mapping for the Unix Inventory Data Provider. It lists all attributes of the Computer configuration item that are imported or updated by the inventory.


  • The Unix inventory can be run only for existing computers of Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management. It does not import any computers in the system.
  • Computers to be scanned must be explicitly added on the Included Computers page of an active data provider configuration.
  • The Unix Inventory Data Provider creates fingerprints and installations for inventoried applications.

Stock keeping units can be created during the data import. They are matched by the ManufacturerName and Model attributes. If no match is found, a new record will be created. The Configuration Item and Type fields are filled in if the corresponding source information is available.


XML Entity XML Element Data Definition Attribute Note
Computer​Snapshot CurrentTime SPSInventoryClassBase LastScanDate  
ScanedHostName     Used in value of the Domain attribute.
ComputerIdentification DNSName SPSComputerClassBase DNSName  
EquipmentSerial​Number SPSComputerClassBase SystemSerialNumber  
EquipmentSerial​Number SPSAssetClassBase SerialNumber  
EquipmentModel SPSAssetClassBase Model  
Equipment​Manufacturer SPSAssetClassBase ManufacturerName Used in value of the SKU attribute.
TotalPhysicalMemory SPSComputerClassBase Memory Value is converted to megabytes.
    SPSComputerClassAD Domain Domain is retrieved from ScanedHostName and DNSName information and matched to a domain existing in the Workspace Management database either by DomainName or by NT4Name.
    SPSAssetClassBase SKU SKU is identified based on EquipmentModel and EquipmentManufacturer values. If SKU is not found in the Workspace Management database, it is created and the Data Provider sets a relation between the SKU and the computer.
Bioses Manufacturer SPSComputerClassBase BIOSManufacturer  
Version SPSComputerClassBase BIOSVersion  
DMI SPSComputerClassBase BIOSDMISupport  
ACPI SPSComputerClassBase BIOSACPISupport  
APM SPSComputerClassBase BIOSAPMSupport  
ReleaseDate SPSComputerClassBase BIOSReleaseDate  
HardDisk​Drives DeviceID SPSComputerClassHard​Disk DeviceID  
Size SPSComputerClassHard​Disk TotalRawSize Value is converted to megabytes.
Model SPSComputerClassHard​Disk Model  
Network​Adapters DeviceID SPSComputerClass​NetworkCard DeviceID  
Name SPSComputerClass​NetworkCard Model  
Manufacturer SPSComputerClass​NetworkCard Manufacturer  
MACAddress SPSComputerClass​NetworkCard MACAddress  
SPSComputerClassBase PrimaryMACAddress  
DHCPEnabled SPSComputerClass​NetworkCard DHCPEnabled  
IPAddresses SPSComputerClass​NetworkCard IPAddress  
IPAddresses SPSComputerClassBase IPAddress IP address of the primary network adapter is taken.
IPAddresses SPSComputerClassBase Ipv6Address IPv6 address of the primary network adapter, identified by the IPv6-specific format, is taken.
DNSServers SPSComputerClass​NetworkCard DNSServerlist  
DNSServers SPSComputerClassBase DNSServerlist Comma-separated list of DNS servers of the primary network adapter.
IPSubnets SPSComputerClass​NetworkCard SubnetMask  
IPSubnets SPSComputerClassBase IPSubnetMask Subnet mask of the primary network adapter.
DefaultIPGateways SPSComputerClass​NetworkCard DefaultGateway  
DefaultIPGateways SPSComputerClassBase IPGateway Default IP Gateway of the primary network adapter.
DiskPartitions DeviceID SPSComputerClassDiskPartition DeviceID  
Name SPSComputerClassDiskPartition DriveLetter  
FileSystem SPSComputerClassDiskPartition PartitionType  
Size SPSComputerClassDiskPartition PartitionSize Value is converted to megabytes.
Processors Name SPSComputerClassBase Processor  
ProcessorType SPSComputerClassBase ProcessorType  
ProcessorClock SPSComputerClassBase ProcessorClock  
NumberOfCores SPSComputerClassBase AmountProcessorCores  
NumberOfCpuSockets     Used in the value of the ProcessorCount attribute.
NumberOfLogicalProcessors SPSComputerClassBase ThreadsCount
    SPSComputerClassBase HyperthreadingActive True if NumberOfLogicalProcessors is greater than NumberOfCores.
    SPSComputerClassBase ProcessorCount Either number of CPU sockets or number of processors if the former is zero.
VideoControllers DeviceID SPSComputerClassGraphicCard DeviceID  
Manufacturer SPSComputerClassGraphicCard Manufacturer  
Model SPSComputerClassGraphicCard Model  
DriverVersion SPSComputerClassGraphicCard BIOSVersion  
Applications Publisher SPSComputerClassOS Manufacturer  
Publisher SPSApplicationClassBase Manufacturer  
ProductName SPSComputerClassOS Name  
ProductName SPSApplicationClassBase Name  
Version SPSApplicationClassBase Version Also used in value of the Version attribute in SPSComputerClassOS.
VersionMajor SPSComputerClassOS PatchLevel  
VersionMinor     Used in value of the Version attribute in SPSComputerClassOS.
IsOs     Used in value of the ComputerRole attribute.
Description SPSApplicationClassBase Description  
Version Value combines data from Version and VersionMinor.
    SPSComputerClassBase ComputerRole Value is "Server" for Windows Server OS and otherwise it is "Client".
    SPSApplicationClassBase CreatedBy Value is "Server Compliance".
    SPSApplicationClassBase DetectionType Value is "ServerApplication".